DPH Financial provides financial advice tailored to your unique situation through the use of   personalized financial planning and investment planning services to individuals and helps businesses set-up Financial Wellness Programs tailored to provide financial education, financial coaching and personalized financial planning. Advice is based upon consultation with the client and may address some or all of the following areas: determination of financial objectives, identification of financial problems, budgeting and cash flow management, debt management, insurance analysis, investment strategy and monitoring, education funding, retirement planning, and estate planning that may include business valuation.

A written evaluation of each client’s initial investment situation is included in the personalized financial plan, if applicable along with a recommended investment strategy.  The investment strategy for a client is based upon the client’s investment objective, relevant time horizon, and volatility tolerance ascertained during consultations. The client may change their objectives at any time. Investment advice is provided with the client making the final decision on investment selection. The client always maintains asset control. DPH Financial does not act as a custodian of client assets. Rather, a qualified independent custodian will be recommended for any asset management service.  

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  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Management
  • Debt Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Strategy and Monitoring
  • Estate Planning and Insurance Analysis
  • Educational Funding
  • Financial Wellness Programs